IACPE 2013 Welcomes Physics Teachers

On behalf of the organizing committee of Interamerican Conference on Physics Education and participating organizations I would like to welcome physics teachers to Guayaquil.

The IACPE 2013 will be held with participation of researchers and teachers from around the Continent. At all levels of education, problems, solutions, and success stories, as they pertain to physics education, will be shared and discussed among stakeholders, such as policy makers, teachers, university instructors, and researchers. At the core of the conference lies meeting and interacting with colleagues and new ideas to improve teaching and learning. We wish to have a deeper understanding of learners and learning, teachers and teaching, physics as a branch of science and physical knowledge, and teaching environments with the overall goal being to reach and attain the state of the art knowledge and skills necessary to be able to teach physics successfully in our classrooms.

Please join us in Guayaquil at the IACPE 2013 during the first week of July to help each other to achieve this vision. Best regards,

Ing. Eduardo Montero Carpio, M.Sc.

The Organizer of IACPE 2013

IACPE 2013 as a forum for physics teachers

Just to name a few of the topics that will interest physics teachers, the followings can be listed:

  • Exchange of information on educational systems
  • Exchange of good practices
  • Information on initiatives carried out by participants
  • Contact with local colleagues in physics education
  • Professional topics like
    • Contact with research and researchers in physics education
    • Probing understanding and diagnosing learning difficulties
    • Ways of overcoming misconceptions
    • Assessment of learning
    • Adapting and using educational technology in teaching
    • Evaluation of curricula, textbooks, and course materials
    • Incorporating practical work and laboratory activities into teaching
    • Techniques, models, methods, and strategies of teaching
    • Improvements in professional development programs