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Inter American Council

Julia Salinas Argentina PRESIDENT Eduardo Montero Ecuador VICEPRESIDENT Gordon Aubrecht USA SECRETARY Deise Miranda Brazil Eduardo Moltó Cuba César Mora Mexico Anna Maria Pessoa Brazil Héctor Riveros Mexico John Fitzgibbons USA Celso Ladera Venezuela Leda Roldán Costa Rica Maite Andres Venezuela Marco Antonio Moreira Brazil Marta Massa Argentina Michael Ponnambalam Jamaica Ricardo Buzzo Chile Rodrigo

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Brief history of Interamerican Conference on Physics Education (IACPE) The convening of these conferences was originally an initiative of and under auspices of CLAF and the Organization of American States (OAS). The first Conference was held in Brazil in 1963. The second one was held in Venezuela in 1975. After a period with no conferences,

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IACPE 2013 Welcomes Physics Teachers On behalf of the organizing committee of Interamerican Conference on Physics Education and participating organizations I would like to welcome physics teachers to Guayaquil. The IACPE 2013 will be held with participation of researchers and teachers from around the Continent. At all levels of education, problems, solutions, and success stories,

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Local Organizing Committee

Eduardo Montero Hernando Sánchez Luis Del Pozo Jaime Vásquez Carlos Moreno Máximo Apolo Luis Castro Dick Zambrano Peter Iza Florencio Pinela Bolívar Flores Francisca Flores Jorge Flores José Sacarelo Carlos Martínez Alexander Ortega Richard Pilozo Gabriel Castro